oh mon dieu! models!;
we make pretty things of beautiful people.

@ali_michael: drinking at @lajuiceshop and reading astrology books because I’m in LA and that’s what you’re supposed to do here lol @kielp

Bryden Jenkins by Dorian Wolf.

Bryden Jenkins by Chris Callaway.

Antonina Vasylchenko by Fanny Latour-Lambert.

Bryden Jenkins by Kayla Varley.

I srsly love your blog. Your edits are so perfect!
— Anonymous

thank you so much!!

Frida Aasen for Nasty Gal’s Holiday 2012 Collection.

Nastya Kusakina by Jens Ingvarsson.

Nastya Kusakina by Jens Ingvarsson.

Ali Michael for Jalouse, April 2014.